Mithun Divakaran : VH1 Contest Winner meets Linkin Park

Mithun Divakaran, the Guy who won the VH1 Contest to meet Linkin Park said this...
"When I got the call informing me that I had been selected as the winner for Vh1's Linkin Park Ticket to Ride contest, the first thing I thought about was: "Wow, I finally get to meet the band!" -- assuming there would be a meet & greet. Unfortunately, I was told due to their busy schedule, I won't be able to meet the guys.

Disappointed, I still told myself I was getting to see one of my favourite bands live in concert for free -- that too during the Abu Dhabi Formula One weekend! It was a whirlwind experience but all said and done, when I bumped into Mike Shinoda in the lounge where I was seated as well, this whole trip turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life.

Yeah the concert was great! Me and brother had a blast, but more than the concert, all I kept thinking about was getting a chance to have a photo taken with the man himself. Also, I asked him the *one* question I would have asked every member of the band had there been a 'meet & greet': When is Linkin Park touring India?

Sure, the crowd could have been better. But this was a concert not open to anybody outside of F1 ticket holders, so it showed in the enthusiasm. On the plus side, I enjoyed a Linkin Park concert in a decent atmosphere and awesome stage setup. I'll wait for their India tour for the massive crowd sing-alongs... and the assholes who'll be pushing and shoving."

Check Out His Blog for a complete 'description' of the memorable experience this incident caused to him !!!

Special Thanks to Mithun for separately writing this bit for us...