Linkin Park - Interview

Recently, Mike and Chester did an Interview with, talking about a lotta stuff like the souvenir recordings, the evolution of the band since 'Hybrid Theory', and much more. Although, this was the best part of the interview where Mike talked about how intimate and close the band is to the fans.

Kristen Clarke:  Okay.  As an artist, I'm curious, how is it for you when a fan will say that your music changed their life in some way?

MS:  It's always been important to us to really stay; it's almost like staying in the moment and staying, like, actually listening and being very aware when the fans say things like that, because it is special. I mean, to them, it couldn't be more important and it wouldn't matter if they're telling you; I mean, I've actually heard people say some silly stuff, like, "Your band is so important to me and changed my life and blah, blah, blah. It's so important that I named my goldfish, Mike." And you're like, "Okay." It almost sounds like a joke, like that's where you ended up. But they are totally serious and they may be having a tough time communicating why that is actually so important to them, but for us, we need to, like, I think it's important to the six of us to remember that when they're saying these things, like, it means a lot to them and that in turn, we want it to mean a lot to us and we want to make sure that they understand that we are appreciative of that and that we definitely respect the fans. I mean, they've supported the band with such fervor since the beginning, it's been an awesome ride and we're very lucky to have such a great fan base.

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