NewsOK : Linkin Park go 3D

NewsOK recently conducted an interview with Mike and Chester. Set aside the already known info like the Free mp3 Downloads per show, a very interesting and mind-blowing revelation is that the band might come up with a 3D Movie of a full A Thousand Suns show. The band is pretty eager to perform the whole album at once and allow the audience to delve into the deepness of the record and enjoy the intense layers of music and themes running through it. 

Linkin Park is talking about special shows where they play A Thousand Suns in its entirety, to better capture the album's moody feel. Beyond that, they've explored the possibility of a 3D film.

Mike adds, "Those will be released when they're ready on" what follows, as said by Chester was even more amazing, "Don't spoil the surprise"

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