Waiting for the End - Live Video!

Linkin Park are now to make a live video for "Waiting for the End" extracted by the fans' videos from their Chicago and St. Paul shows.

Joe posted on LinkinPark.com

Hey everyone,
In celebration of the current leg of our world tour, we're putting together a LIVE video for "Waiting for the End," and we want it to be filmed by you. We think the world should see the show from your perspective. Here's what we want you to do: If you are attending our January 26th show in Chicago, or January 28th in St. Paul, pull out your camera or phone when we play "Waiting for the End," and capture your best footage. We don't only want to see the band on stage; we want to see you in the crowd, your friends, the people around you singing, even footage from the parking lot or outside and around the venue...whatever you think looks cool.

The uploading date starts from 27th midnight and uploading will be allowed till 29th, so, we can expect the video to be out by the First week of Feb! It's gonna be real exciting to feel "the Linkin Park live" vibe alongside high quality audios, coz LP are doing the audios and, we may expect bootlegs' quality!

We wish a very very HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY to all Indian Linkin Park'ers. Let's celebrate the Republic's existence which has given us the freedom to do whatever we desire!