MTV 'Posted' - Linkin Park and Montreal Gazette Article

Linkin Park are the 'Posted' Act on MTV for this month. Phoenix posts some off the ongoing U.S. Tour Here. Some off the article is as follows.

We’re currently in the middle of our North American tour, and the shows have been really great so far. This is our first tour in the States since 2008, and it feels good to be back and playing shows here. Since our last tour here, we’ve played in 21 different countries on five continents.

Performing the songs from our new album has been a lot of fun and a whole new challenge for us. Chester and Brad each have percussion responsibilities on a few songs, and everyone except Rob have backup vocal duties. Before our first show of the tour in Sunrise, Fla., we had a rehearsal to run through some of our more challenging songs -- "Burning In The Skies," "Blackout" and “When They Come For Me.” A bunch of contest winners stopped by and watched us run through the songs over and over.

Also, MTV2 will be airing the behind the scenes footage off ATS World Tour in the States.

Here's an extract from an interview on the Montreal Gazette which was really vibrant and realistic! It flashes on what the idea behind ATS was. Check it Out.

Though Linkin Park, which plays the Bell Centre Monday night, didn’t pioneer the genre – which blends hip-hop and metal like a smoothie made by 14-year-old skateboarders – they did add to it. In contrast to Bizkit’s loutish bellowing marinated in testosterone-laced spittle, the band’s lyrics folded in Alice in Chains-esque angst. Dealing with themes of alienation, isolation and the kind of pain that goes deeper than bruised knuckles, the material struck a chord with listeners, driving Hybrid Theory to diamond certification (10 million sales) and the band to stardom.

Over the next decade, Linkin Park built its fan base while evolving its sound, moving away from nu-metal, strengthening its alternative rock influences and maintaining a hip-hop focus with albums like 2004’s Collision Course, a mashup with Jay-Z. Last year’s A Thousand Suns, a concept album revolving around themes of war and destruction, is perhaps its most mature, blending everything from progressive rock to electronica.

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