Phoenix gets a New Ztar Z6X for himself

Starr Labs have designed a custom, Z6X Ztar for Phoenix. Starr Labs have pioneered the manufacturing industry for these guitar like MIDI controllers for very long and Now, after the likes of Lou Reed, Amir Derakh and Eric Clapton having used these "Ztars", LP's Phoenix is gonna use these very innovative musical instruments. It seems this is what he bought himself for his birthday!

"Two weeks ago we received a call from one of Linkin Park's guitar techs inquiring about the Ztar Rob Swire of Pendulum performs with (a Z6SX). A few phone calls later and we're tasked to make Phoenix, Linkin Park's bassist, a Ztar Z6X ! Here is the resulting instrument"

 Brilliant, ain't it? Do Comment about what you think it's like!