Phoenix LPU Chat - 11 Feb 2011 - LP Seeking an Asian Tour

Phoenix was in the LPU Video Chat Yesterday as pre-announced by the LPU and the Linkin Park Twitter. Yet again he joined Mike and Joe on the list of LP Members forecasting possibilities of an Asian Tour. We do Hope they make it to India this time. The Chat was interrupted due to a problem connecting the bass. Here's a summary of what we think was most important off the Chat!

*  Phoenix worked really hard for a very long time to learn to play the bass.
*  Phoenix can not say anything to for Transformers 3. He said 'It's top secret'.
*  The name of his dogs are Jake and Bella.
*  Linkin Park are making plans for an Asian Tour this year and hope to tour Asia.
*  Phoenix loves "Blackout".
*  Phoenix likes to play FIFA.
*  Phoenix said Chester's situation is somewhat better now.

*  Phoenix said that Madrid Show could be used for a Live DVD if crafted.
*  His favorite bass players are Paul McCartney from The Beatles and Adam from U2.
*  He was very happy to see and perform with Paul McCartney at the Grammy's!
*  He said that the chat was to celebrate Mike's Birthday.