'Iridescent' Artwork Contest

Mike on his blog has posted about an Artwork Contest for the new Linkin Park single 'Iridescent'. We need not say much because Mike has already put it up in an awesome fashion!
Our fans have made lots of awesome Linkin Park-inspired artwork over the years. Today, we announced a contest that gives one winner a chance to get their work seen by millions of people. We’re looking for someone to create an original piece of art for our new single, “Iridescent.” The winner will be showcased in front of more than 30 million fans online and will be featured at our performance for the Transformers: Dark of the Moon premiere in Moscow’s Red Square on June 23.
Go here to submit your art or for more info. Submission deadline is June 12.
Here’s my entry. Unless you guys come up with something better, we’re going to use this:

Linkin Park India Unlimited : Iridescent Artwork Contest