We're Back!

Friends, we are finally back and we hope you're happy with that! Coming Back we've brought up something for you guys, an 'LPU : THE PAST' Archive and a poster giveaway. You can Download it right away, HERE. There are a few steps you'd have to follow before you can use the archive (it is encrypted and you'd need the password). Here are the simple steps:

1.  Put up the link of our site on 10 Webpages. ( http://www.lpindiaunlimited.co.cc )

2.  Mail the list of the 10 web links to chiragddude@lpindiaunlimited.co.cc.

3.  Get your in the reply Message/E-Mail and enjoy some behind the scenes stuff,
     interesting demos.

Linkin Park India Unlimited - LPU Archive + Poster Giveaway

Rules are available within the archive. Any person living on planet earth is eligible for the Poster giveaway.