'Iridescent' : Internet Coverage

'Iridescent' as we know, is gaining a lot of popularity and as a part of it, widespread internet coverage and Billboard, MTV Australia ( who will host the Australian premiere of the video ) have posted some stuff about it.

Billboard says,

While the surrealistic music video proves to be overly-dramatic from the very beginning (with an introductory black and white close-up of lead singer Chester Bennington fondling a snake), this mood is maintained throughout. Unnecessary exaggerated hand motions, the band's own recreation of The Last Supper and of course, scenes from the Transformers flick combine to convey the ultra emotional quality of the music.

MTV Australia quotes,

As we’ve gone on, the videos have gotten more abstract [and] I kind of like that,” singer Mike Shinoda told MTV of the ambitious new clip, directed by fellow band member Joe Hahn.

“I've been encouraging it with Joe, because ... the stuff that goes on in his head is really interesting and really fun, and I think it probably comes from the fact he grew up reading a lot of comics, watching anime, those things. Especially in a video like this, you can tell the influences are there.

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