Linkin Park Survey : Chance to win a special ATS Box Set

Linkin Park have initiated another fan contact programme, this time with the help of  DesCheser Media in the form of a fan survey to know what the base is like and their likes and dislikes. One lucky winner out of those filling in the survey would win a ATS Box set. Here's what Mike had to say about it

Linkin Park India Unlimited : Linkin Park Survey : Chance to win a special ATS Box Set

“Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.”
-Mark Twain

In our band, there are many moments that help define–to us and you–who we are as a group.  With each of those moments, we weigh a myriad of factors–how we felt about it, what the fans’ reactions were, how it affected the band in broad or specific terms.  Are these lyrics offensive?  Should we curse on that song?  Should we tour with this band?  Should we put our song in that movie?
Each time we enter a new phase of the band, we rely on our own sense of what we like, and mix it with the opinions of people whose opinions we trust and value.
This is one of those times.
At the link below, you’ll find a list of questions.  It only takes a few moments to fill out.  But by doing so, you could–quite literally–be helping define the future of Linkin Park.  Let us know who you are and what you want.  As an added bonus, one person will receive an autographed A THOUSAND SUNS box set.

So, for your favorite band and for the ATS Box Set, do it Now! HERE