Mike Shinoda World

A lot has been happening in the 'Mike Shinoda World' lately, so we thought of summing it up together in a single post! A lot of interviews, a lot of changes and blog posts. So, here it is, for the MikeShinoda.com followers, it is now an old news that Mike's blog has received a pretty descent makeover, Thanks to 10UP! Also, Mike and Phoenix were 'observed' 'exchanging words' on Twitter! Mike 'telling' fans to unfollow Phoenix by offering a guitar giveaway to the 10,000th unfollower! But, it is a serious advice from our side, don't you dare do that, 'cause, you're going to to loose a lot of awesomeness and wit from our Bass Man then!

Mike has also been doing some interesting interviews recently, speaking on 'Transformers Dark of the Moon' premiere in Moscow, revealing that Linkin Park shall record the show, and, put it up on the Internet. You can have all the audio below!