Mike : Surprise LPU Chat

Mike just happened to be in the LPU Chat around 2:30 AM (IST) on June 18, 2011. He talked about a lot of things, here are a few! Thanks to Hahninator at the LPL for summing it up really nicely!

Linkin Park India Unlimited : Mike Shinoda : Surprise LPU Chat

Q. Why don't they play 'Blackout'?
"We are trying to tighten the sets we have right now. We want to wrap our heads around the sets we have right now, which is why we play it a few times at first to get familiar with it again."

Q. Why don't they play old songs like 'And One', 'High Voltage' and stuff?
"I know you like to see them, but especially when we play a festival, big groups of people that aren't all "super LP fans", they aren't familiar with those songs. We want to play a show that's entertaining to as many people as possible. At our shows (not festivals), it's a little different. It's a vote between all 6 members and songs get voted out. But some songs, like 'With You' has a better chance of getting back in the setlist than 'QWERTY'. 'Somewhere I Belong' has a better chance than 'Rhinestone' or 'PB N Jellyfish'."

Q. Why don't you play 'No Roads Left'?
"We played it in practice once or twice and it doesn't really sound good. We'll add a song or two to the set at some point to spice it up. I know some people want to see certain songs. As we make more albums, it'd be fun to switch it up, but if we played 'Easier To Run' and didn't play 'New Divide', people would be like "They didn't play 'New Divide', what the fuck". If we didn't play 'Papercut', people would be like "What the hell."

Q. What are your touring plans after Asia?
"After Asia I don't really know what we are doing tour-wise. We're not looking at touring for a record anymore. We have family stuff and writing and we split it all up. We space it all out. We don't do it like most bands - make a record then tour then make another record then tour again. Now we go back and forth because it works better for us."

So, what do you guys say?