Phoenix - LPU Chat - 21/06/2011

Phoenix just did the LPU Chat from LPU International Summit at Hamburg, Germany. The Internet connection was not a very good one, for which Phoenix apologized publicly on Twitter as well. Mike, Mark Fiore and Joe too joined him on the chat. Thanks to Zara at the MSC for posting the summary in a pretty nice manner. Here it is

Linkin Park India Unlimited : Phoenix - LPU Chat - 21/06/2011

  •  - His favorite bass player is Adam (from U2).
  •  - He has hit the 30 million mark on bejwelled (Gem swapping puzzle game).
  •  - Fans can expect the new LPU around December. They've started working it up.
  •  - Favorite moment in LP's history - Right Now (Mike and him were joking around!)
  •  - About the LP Survey : It helps them understand what the fans are thinking, what they'd like to see them play live, how can they communicate with the fans in a better way, helps fans understand the band.
  •  - He's enjoying this visit in Germany.
  •  - He talked about the bass and drums being background instruments. He said that it doesn't make them less important.
  •  - He hopes to play Robot Boy Live someday.
  •  - Hardest song to play live - there isn't one.
  •  - He's looking forward to touring Japan, he feels it's a great place to tour.
  •  - The summit has been fun.
  •  - He throws away a bass when it gets bashed up. He had a challenge to bash one up as much as he could.
  •  - Current favorite song - Blackout.
  •  - Talked about MFR, said that they're always working projects for it.

Also, for those interested in the LPU Summit, linkinpark have uploaded 2 pics from the summit through their twitter, they're in our gallery.

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