Phoenix : Swedish Daily News Interview

Here's an interview by Phoenix for a Swedish Daily News site, and also, an new photo featuring the bass man. The interview was probably taken after the Linkin Park show at Stockholm, Sweden.

Linkin Park India Unlimited : Phoenix's interview by a Swedish Daily News Site

Fans' opinions are important, said David Farrell, bassist for Linkin Park.

They have sold 50 million records, but critics see them as responsible for the world’s death, famine and war. Now metal giants Linkin Park explain how they manage their internal and external conflicts.

After the American physicist Robert Oppenheimer saw how the first atomic bomb slammed in the desert in New Mexico in 1945 he held a short speech to the camera. He is noticeably moved by the situation, he interrupts himself to dry the corner of his eye and talks in a distant, mechanical voice.

- Our whole band watched the clip on YouTube as research.You can really feel the excitement in him, he has created something amazing, but which can cause the world to be destroyed. He does not know how to get into it. It’s pretty screwed, says David Farrell, bassist of Linkin Park, and switches excitedly one leg over the other in his armchair.

Oppenheimer’s speech is sampled on the band’s latest album, the Rick Rubin-produced “A Thousand Suns” (the title refers to a line from the Hindu poem Bhagavad-Gita that Oppenheimer quotes).It is a concept album about atomic bombs and the end of the world, just like the last album “Minutes to Midnight” was referring to America’s “Doomsday Clock”, the symbolic gauge of how close the world is an all-out nuclear war.

- The downfall is there, as a thematic undercurrent throughout the whole record: the atomic bomb, nuclear fallout, there’s plenty of it in the music. But I want to believe that it is more abstract and has more layers than that.

David Farrell does not look like a prophet of doom. With his rust-colored munskägg (No idea what’s that, lmao), Beppe his hat and his bootcutbyxor (?) he resembles more an extra in a hospital soap opera. But Linkin Park, which has sold over 50 million albums, has itself been accused of being the direct contributor to that world has now run into.

- There was one reviewer who wrote that he hated us and that we were guilty of all the earth’s issues: death, famine, poverty, disease. If you ask me he got a little too creative freedom with the description, but it was still pretty funny.And they are becoming accustomed. When the “Minutes to Midnight” – and even more with “A Thousand Suns” – tried to move beyond its metallic angstpop and into the Progressive they called it an identity crisis.

Vocalist Mike Shinoda has on his blog almost manically plowed iTunes users’ reviews of the latest album and charted detractors other musical tastes (“This person likes Daft Punk so he should be open to new ideas”).But when Farrell goes into the criticism, he hits on, talking as if he were following a navigation system: mechanical and fully operational.

- The music industry is made ​​up of music and industry. It is business, you can not take it personally.There are critics’ reaction, and there is fan reaction.Fan reaction is worth more.And internal criticism?- That we solve with fists. No, we communicate a lot. We have become very good at opening up and talking to each other.

Did you borrow Metallica’s therapist when you toured with them?

- No, thank goodness we have never needed therapy! We learned just to trust in each other’s opinions and what each thinks about each other’s ideas.You just have to get comfortable with being humiliated first. So that you do not take it personally.

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