Follow up to ATS early 2012?

Rolling Stones recently put up an article which talks about the band's strategy in studio and on-tour, further revealing that the band is looking forward to release the follow-up to A Thousand Suns as soon as possible.
The band's new goal: A new album every 18 months. "That would be fucking awesome," Bennington says. Of course, a big part of achieving this new faster pace of releasing music is shorter touring cycles. "Touring for two years is excruciating," he says. "When we would tour for two years even the most resilient person in the band, at the end of that, was fucking miserable."
This can't exactly be quoted as a concrete proclamation because it's all assumptions. However, the fans really need to appreciate the band's dedication to get their fans new music as soon as possible. You can read the entire article, here.

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