Free LPU Weekend!

We just ended up with the LPU Week on our Facebook page and here it is, a special weekend announced by the LPUHQ! Here's what they had to say, also, read below this the schedule and how to redeem this opportunity.
Over the last 10 years, LP Underground members have met the band at meet & greets, chatted with us online, attended LPU Summits all over the world, visited us in the studio, enjoyed exclusive merch and music and more. Now, for the first time, we're offering a free peek into the LPU to non-members. 
If you're not an LPU member, you can take part in the first "LPU Weekend," so you can get a taste of what LPU is about. From July 29-31, we're inviting you to experience the LPU online for yourself, for free. You can watch LPU*TV episodes, check out the video chat, and participate in some giveaways. If you like what you see and decide to join, you'll be able to participate in the members-only LPU chat with Chester on Monday, August 1 at 3pm PT. 

The Schedule for various events the LPU give you as a demonstration of what the LPU has to offer is as follows

Friday, July 29 (all times Pacific):

12:00am: LPU Weekend begins!
12:00pm: LPUHQ Orientation Chat in the trial chat room.
12:30pm: LPU Weekend giveaway in the trial chat room. Be there for our first giveaway of the weekend.
1:00pm: Giveaway in the members-only chat room.

Saturday, July 30:

1:00pm: LPU Weekend giveaway #2 in the trial member chat room.
1:15pm: Giveaway in the members-only chat room.
1:30pm: LPU members-only monthly giveaway selection announcement.

Sunday, July 31:

12:00pm: LPU Weekend giveaway #3 in the trial member chat room.
12:15pm: Giveaway in the members-only chat room.

Monday, August 1:

3:00pm:LPU video chat with Chester in members-only chat room. Only Monthly and Annual members can access this chat.

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