LPU Years in Review

Linkin Park Underground, the Inner Circle has always been an amazing place to be in, and now, the LPU have asked you to sum up your LPU experience as a blog post on LinkinPark.com. Coincidentally, we're celebrating the LPU Week (20th to 27th July) and you can participate in LPU's Linkin Park Trivia Quiz we're having on our Facebook Page. Here's what LPU had to say

Each year since LPU 1.0, we've released an LPU CD. In addition, each year of the LPU has been different from the one before in terms of merchandise packages, exclusives, and more. We want to hear from LPU members about some of your favorite memories from each year of the LPU. All you need to do is write blogs for each of the years you've been in LPU, or even just your one favorite year. Tell us about what that year's CD meant to you, some of the things you were able to do because of the LPU, and a memorable moment from that year. Make sure you only talk about 1 specific year in each blog post.

Tag your blog post with LPUYEARSINREVIEW, and we'll read through them and feature our favorites on LinkinPark.com and LPUnderground.com.

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