Nominate Linkin Park's 'Behind the Scenes' team for a Parnelli

Here's what Linkin Park's techie Pooch had to say on his Facebook

Nominations for an industry award called the Parnelli's are open. If you thought the LP show this year was the best please nominate us. Click on the link below and enter nominations for Ken "Pooch" Van Druten for FOH engineer of the year. Kevin "Tater" McCarthy for Monitor Engineer of the year. And Jim Digby for production manager of the year. Please enter our names in the appropriate spot and the show is Linkin Park. ALSO please repost to all the LP fansites. Let's rally the troops and get the LP crew nominated for these awards. Thank you.
So, if you haven't already,  move to the site and help us nominate them! Go, let's get a Parnelli!