Chester Bennington talks to NoiseCreep

Chester recently was interviewed by NoiseCreep about the upcoming show for Japan. Chester talks about how the idea came up, and what was the ideology behind the show being intimate and secret.
One of our ideas was find a way to donate some money from a show to MFR was to try to get our fans to raise money. We had bunch of ideas, but this was a mixed concept, where were were creating a show where all monies raised goes through MFR and the idea was something that hit all the things we wanted to do. We asked our fans to create their own website, through You go there, create a page, raise money and whoever raises the most wins the chance to see the band from the side of the stage. It gets our fans excited do something not everyone gets to do, which is see Linkin Park at a small venue, as well as hang out and meet us. It's not just the band donating money we make. That's great, but the thing that matters most when you deal with charity is people talking about it.