A Thousand Horizons + International LPU Summit in Tokyo

Linkin Park are set to organize another charity event for Japan Earthquake victims, this time a full day event further extended to an International LPU Summit at Tokyo in Japan itself, this September, on tour in the region. The event shall be in 2 parts including the 'A Thousand Horizons Museum', 1600 to 1800 hrs JST and them 'A Thousand Horizons Show', begining 2000 hrs JST on 9th September 2011. The Show will be webcasted here. The special event features special T Shirts, Bearbricks, iPhone cases on sale, during the event, and before it online. Go to 1000horizons.com for details on the same. The site is in Japanese, however, you'd get desired information when you translate it using your browser's web based translator. Also, Joe is said to have composed a special track for the event, which will be played at the event, thereafter Linkin Park will be doing a talk session.

Also, the LPU will be organizing a grand International Summit yet again, offering the fans in the region to know and meet the band personally. The schedule for the summit is available at lpu.linkinpark.com/summit-tokyo/