Getting The Wheels Rolling on the New Album

MTV interviewed Chester on the day of the secret at the Mayan in LA.
In the interview he mentioned that a little progress has been made and that he loves whatever has been done so far.
Here is the article -
"Earlier this summer, Linkin Park took over Moscow's Red Square for a historic - and a decidedly Michael Bay size - performance, they also spoke to MTV about the follow up to A Thousand Suns, which, at that time, was just beginning to take shape ("Right now it sounds like blips and bleeps and pieces" frontman Chester Bennington described)
So, earlier this week, when Linkin Park tookover Los Angeles' Mayan Theater for an equally historic - yet decidedly more personal - benefit concert for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief, we got a chance once again to ask them about their new album. And, as Bennington explained, things have progressed - albeit just slightly.
"We just kind of began. We like to keep the creative juices flowing, so we try to keep that going all the time," he said. "We don't know when the next record is going to be done. We are in the beginning phases of that. We are still winding down A Thousand Suns and touring for that, so I can tell you we're working and we're excited, and we like the direction that we're going in."
Bennington added that the band has been working closely with producer Rick Rubin, who will once again helm the sessions of the yet-untitled disc. And though it is still early, Linkin Park are pleased with the results.
"[Rick's] involved all the way, all the time, from the very beginning. You know, we ask him, 'What do you think of these ideas ?'" he said. "And we're kind of getting the whels rolling.... It's hard to talk about something that hasn't been created yet, but, like I said, we definitely like the way things are going already.""