PTTOW Video featuring Mike and Rob + The Jakarta Globe interviews Rob

If you recall the PTTOW! event that Mike and Rob attended back in May, there's a video from the event. PTTOW! uploaded an information video on facebook, which features Mike and Rob since they attended the 3rd annual PTTOW! event.

Also, on the ongoing tour, The Jakarta Globe interviewed Rob, where he talks about what the band thinks of the fans' reactions before the show and about the process of building up the follow-up to A Thousand Suns. Read the entire article below.

Drummer Rob Bourdon said the band always tried to pick songs that they thought would do justice to each album in its live shows. He added that the band took note of fan reactions and concert reviews after each show and tour.
“We have a few different set lists that we alternate each night, so each night we will play something different,” he said. “There are certain songs that we’ve been playing for over 10 years, but on a certain night, you can just be in the moment and really enjoy the song.”
If they ever start to feel bored playing certain hits, Bourdon said all they needed to do was look out at the audience and feed off the fans’ enthusiasm for the music.
“When you see them, it’s really hard not to be excited about it,” he said. Bourdon said the band always looked forward to playing in places like Jakarta, where audiences do not get to see a lot of international performers.
He said touring was always about finding a balance between performing and mixing music in the studio. The band is already working on new material for its fifth album. Bourdon added that the band was always writing something to keep the creative juices flowing.
He said the process of recording 2006’s “Minutes to Midnight” had brought the band to a new creative level, one that involved all of the members writing and sharing ideas and material.
‘Minutes to Midnight’ is the first time we kinda broke down the box, the walls and the rules, but we had a lot of struggle to do that,” Bourdon said.
He said the band’s latest album, “A Thousand Suns,” captured this newfound synergy between the members. Bourdon also thanked producer Mike Rubin for his input on the new album.
By trying to balance the expectations of both old and new fans, Bourdon said Linkin Park was experiencing an artistic revolution as they challenged themselves to create something new. “[But] we are still the same band that made ‘Hybrid Theory’ and ‘Meteora,’ ” he said.
After heading home from the lengthy world tour, the members of Linkin Park will have a few weeks to relax before their next show in Florida in October. After that, the band plans to get back into the studio to work on the new album.