Singapore F1 Grand Prix Concert

In just two days, Linkin Park will be performing at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix on the Padang Main Stage. This will be the band's second show at a Formula 1 Grand Prix event in support of A Thousand Suns, and their last show in Asia, before returning to the United States to perform at the DeLuna Festival in Pensacola, FL on October 16th.

The performance in Bangkok proved to be a bit of a tough show, after starting the show late due to rain and also due to Dave falling ill before the show, which led to him not being able to perform and instead led Linkin Park's bass tech Ted Regier to fill in.There wasn't any significant change during the setlist that night, other than the technical difficulties during Empty Spaces, and Blackout being dropped from the setlist after five consecutive performances, which was probably due to time restraints and Dave not being there to be able to perform his synthesizer part. Other than that the band opened up with The Requiem and Papercut combo, and ended the show with the usual Bleed It Out/A Place For My Head combination.Also Chester is hurt and he seemed to have hurt his hand.

Joe Hahn and Chester Bennington with FORCE INDIA racer Adrian Sutil.

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