Blackout wins a MTV GA + 'Thank You Steve' says Mike

MTVLA (MTV Latin America) today, announced the list of winners at this year's MTV Game Awards. As we know, Blackout was featured on EA Sports FIFA '11 and, secured an award for the 'Best song featured in a Video Game' category.

Also, Mike did a post about how Steve affected Linkin Park on his blog. Check it out here.

Hybrid Theory writing session, Apple Computer, circa 1998

It’s hard to think of all the ways that Steve Jobs’ vision has built a foundation for the products on which I work and create: Apple products have been used in making every piece of music Linkin Park has ever written, every album cover or poster we have ever designed, and all our music videos, ads, LPTV, and websites
From the creation of our songs, art, and videos to the devices our fans enjoy them on, Steve Jobs’ vision has made an indelible imprint on everything we do. Multiplying that out into all the other bands and artists in the world who also use Apple products to write and record their songs or edit videos, movies, TV shows, art and photos, it’s hard to imagine anyone who has played a bigger role in shaping the world of modern art and music.
Thank you Steve Jobs