LPIU's 1st Anniversary + CONTEST!

Our site completes an year online tomorrow. On our first anniversary, we wanna thank you all for the love and support you have given us. No words could describe what you guys have been for us, all through this journey. We expect you guys to support us in the same fashion, going ahead.

Linkin Park India Unlimited : LPIU's 1st Anniversary + CONTEST!

Here's a simple contest for you guys, join our forums, here and register and, follow us on Twitter. We will randomly choose a fan (on 2nd November 2011, from either Twitter or our Forums), and the winner shall be awarded with a two-disc special edition of 'Hybrid Theory' (The Asian Edition) which includes an extended video for 'One Step Closer' + Live recordings (videos) of 'Papercut', 'Points of Authority' and 'A Place for my Head' from the Dockland Arena (16/09/2001).