Join the 'Power The World' Twitter Flash Mob!

The United Nations announced this week that they would team up with Linkin Park to provide electricity to the 2.6 billion people that have no or only limited access to electricity. In order to heat their homes, cook for their children etc. many of them have to use dung, kerosene, petroleum and other substances which may present a health risk.

One of the aims of the new Power the World campaign is to raise awareness. A way to reach this aim is, of course, to get #PowertheWorld trending on Twitter. As this is most successful if many people tweet this at the same time, Adiek84 has planned on a flash mob!

Date and Time:

The flash mob starts tomorrow (Saturday, November 12) at:
05:30 am (IST) - (Sunday: India)
11:00 am (CST) - USA
12:00 am (EST) - USA
05:00 pm (GMT) - UK
06:00 pm (CET/MEZ) - Central Europe (Germany)
07:00 pm (EET) - (Greece)
02:00 am (JST) - (Sunday: Japan)
04:00 am (AEDT) - (Sunday: Australia)

Hence, it'd be around 05:30 am here, in India, so, if you're not out of your bed by then, don't sweat, we'll have it all day long, so join whenever possible but, as quickly as possible. Thanks.

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