Linkin Park Underground Eleven Launched!

LPU 11 has finally surfaced online. A highly promising and innovative design adds to the awesome privileges the inner circle already provides it's members with. The LPU 11 CD has also been launched at the same time, and it's available at an exciting price of just $ 1.11 when you buy the annual membership! So go and purchase the membership that'd leave you with an experience of a lifetime. Below is the tracklist FOR THE CD:

01. YO (MTM Demo)
02. Slip (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory Demo)
03. Soundtrack (Meteora Demo)
04. In The End (Demo)
05. Program (Meteora Demo)
06. Bang Three (What I’ve Done Original Demo)
07. Robot Boy (Test Mix, Option Vocal Take)
08. Broken Foot (Meteora Demo)
09. Esaul (A Place For My Head Demo)
10. Blue (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory Demo)

Here's what the post signatured by Rob said on

LPU11 has officially launched! This new year of the LPU launches with a brand new members-only online community, an exclusive merchandise package and additional benefits, including LPU members' request for early admission into Linkin Park shows.
We are also releasing our annual LPU CD. The LPU11 CD is filled with unreleased demos from Hybrid Theory to A Thousand Suns. Some of the songs on this CD are early versions of familiar songs, such as the “In The End” demo. Other songs on this CD never made it on a Linkin Park album and remained unfinished and in raw form. All of the songs represent the journey it takes to create an album as a whole, and we're excited to share them with you.
To learn more, visit us at
Thank you to our dedicated members for making LPU such an amazing place for us to connect with our fans!