Mike Shinoda talks new album with Rocksound

Thanks to the LPA, we have the scans of a recent interview with Mike Shinoda, published in the Rocksound magazine, where he talks about the new album. Mike talks about what Linkin Park aim to achieve with this record and how the record's evolving out to be digital and not 'electronic'. He reasserted that lyrics on this record are not political and a bit more personal.

With this record, the lyrics have been less of a political slant and there is more personal drive behind the words. It is a very dynamic record so far and there is a lot of color and movement. The songs we've got so far are very different from one another, especially with the digital elements, and I say that deliberately because we are not using electronics or samples. It's something different, like edited sounds, loops and atmospheres. Those elements are really defining the songs, even though I can't work out how to describe them, and it's gluing everything together.

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