New Linkin Park single in the next few months?

Yesterday, while Brad was on the LPU Video Chat, he talked about how the band had been working on the new album and when the new music could come out. Brad said, that since he expects a mid-2012 release, the possibility of a single being released just before the summer tour can't be denied. Here's the transcript, courtesy LPA.

  • His favorite part of recording: he enjoys recording is being in the studio and recording with the other guys. It’s a great feeling coming up with something new. He is eager to share new music with us
  • Is the album more analog or digital: he can’t really answer that as he doesn’t know, he didn’t go to engineering school.
  • Will new music come out before the summer tour? He hopes to have new music out mid 2012 so it's very possible.
  • There will be new art designs for the new album, he is excited about the visual art.
  • They will work very hard to travel to different parts of the world, they are very excited to see the fans out on tour.
  • He joked and said there will be 53 songs on the record, each 20 seconds long
  • If he could play any show in the world, where would he play? He would like to play a show in LA because he wouldn't have to travel far.
  • He talked about Power The World and thanked fans about generating awareness
  • Solo tour date? he joked about playing an intimate show at his friends apartment by himself.
  • A new single will hopefully be out in a few months.

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