'Burn it Down' puzzles revealed! [Completed]

LinkinPark.com is now redirecting visitors here where the 'Burn it Down' puzzles are now online. And all the slots have been released watch the completed puzzle, the artwork for 'Burn it Down' below and let us know what you think about it!

BTW, anything you can cipher from the 5 4 digit numbers in the code? Join LPA's discussion here!


The EASIER WAY of solving is it by clicking the Linkin Park logo on the bottom left corner of the page. It opens up a code terminal wherein you can run functions and enter password (actually a variable 'sudo' auto-generated on every refresh). The function we'll use to unlcok is sudo solve() in the file init.js (however that maybe irrelevant to some). Log in first, using your E-Mail/Facebook/Twitter account.

It isn't copied from the LPA, this time around they're second!

For those who've missed 1, 2 or 3 slots for whatever the reason maybe, we're sorry that there's no way you can solve those now, since the 18 digit 'passwords' are not available for those slots anymore. However it is to be seen if that has any effect on the snippet giveaway, because it might be possible that if you solve the rest, you might still be able to download the snippet.

Use Google Chrome.

  1. 1. Right-click on any of the completed image slots (one of those released in the past/already solved).

  2. 2. Select 'Inspect Element' from the Dropdown menu.

  3. 3. That opens a window as shown in the image below (on your screen that'd be below the web page display area). On the highlighted text, right click and select 'Edit HTML'. Replace class="square completed" with class="square" after done editing the text, click on the empty space within the 'Inspect Element' window. Do the same for ALL other elements which you'll find above or below the one you've edited in the window (that is not more than 1 'div's which have class="square completed" should be left unedited). Open the image below in a new tab to understand better!

  4. 4. Don't refresh the page.
  1. 5. 'View Page Source' for burnitdown.linkinpark.com (By right clicking in space and click 'View page source')
  2. 6. Search (Ctrl+F) 'var sudo'. Copy the 18 digit number code after the '='.

  3. 7. Open the code terminal by left-clicking on the bottom left Linkin Park logo.
  4. 8. Type 'sudo solve()' and press enter. (Initiates the function)

  5. 9. Enter Password (The 18 digit code you copied)
  6. 10. The puzzle will solve itself!