Flipkart makes Linkin Park's 'Living Things' pre-order available in India with FREE SHIPPING for just Rs. 336!

On a request made by us to Flipkart, India's premier online retailer, they've made Linkin Park's new record 'Living Things' available for pre-order in India. The disc can be pre-ordered on a 15% discount for just Rs. 336, making it cheaper for us than it is for any other country where pre-orders are available via an online retailer or even LinkinPark.com itself (however that pre-order includes lots of other offers coupled with the disc)!

Please, we request to one and all, that make this pre-order a success if you want to see Linkin Park play here and come back to play again regularly.

We want you to share this banner below on your facebook, twitter and wherever else you can so that more and more fans come to know about it and we can justify the faith flipkart and EMI put in us by releasing a Linkin Park record for pre-order for the first time ever in India!

We'd thank EMI too (Linkin Park's record label in India) for their support and quick response to our request!