Linkin Park talk new album and reveal new song titles

In a recent interview with SPIN, Linkin Park talk about the new album, set to release this June and also reveal three new song titles on the record. The three new revealed song titles as you can read below are 'In my remains', 'Castle of Glass' and 'I'll be gone'. The band will also collaborate with Arcade Fire arranger Owen Pallett, who'd contribute on the strings.

"On the last two albums," says Bennington, "if someone brought in a song that felt very 'Linkin Park,' we were like, 'Mm, let's move on.' We now know we have the skills and the tools to take those ideas and make them into what we're actually looking for, as opposed to getting into it and discovering that it just sounds really nu-metal. That's always going to be gross to us, but we can take elements of that and reinvent the vibe, make it now and fresh."
Shinoda and Bennington played five of the new songs for SPIN and sure enough, they felt like an improvement on an old family recipe (albeit one you'd most likely use to piss off the rest of your family). "Lost in the Echo" featured a staccato guitar attack, tribal drums, crystalline keys and some brutal screams, but it also interweaved contemporary sub-bass boom and clangy industrial effects. "In My Remains" is both dark and triumphant, built for an arena at the end of days.

The melancholic "Castle of Glass" offers a steam-engine chug and a mountain of sound while Bennington sings about being but a small crack in the titular edifice, illustrating belonging and futility in the same stroke. On "I'll Be Gone," his metallic vocals come from a character who's either forced or chooses to leave home before the sun comes up. Amidst the lo-bit glitch and seismic stomp comes an unlikely cameo: strings courtesy of Arcade Fire arranger Owen Pallett.

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