LPU chat with Pooch (Linkin Park's FOH Engineer)

Pooch just concluded the LPU chat declared last month. Here's the summary.

Q: Would Linkin Park come to India on this Asian Tour? 
A: "Now thats a good question. We never been there and there are a lot of fans so they will. They should ."

  • 1. Pooch broadcasted from home and spoke about working with Slash and Myles Kennedy.
  • 2. Pooch has worked with Linkin Park for six years.
  • 3. He's really excited for the upcoming tour.
  • 4. He doesn't know anything about the new Linkin Park album, other than what has been shared so far with the fans.
  • 5. Says that Linkin Park will hit all the places fans want to see evntually, during the upcoming World Tour.
  • 6. The band start rehearsals later this month for the upcoming tour.
  • 7. Pooch says the set will be majorly rearranged for the upcoming US tour.
  • 8. BURN IT DOWN will likely be the only new song played on the upcoming Summer dates.
  • 9. Blackout was probably one of the more difficult songs to mix from ATS.
  • 10. Robot Boy was something they rehearsed a couple times but never played. He doesn't know if they ever will play it.
  • 11. Has a special connection to Chester, because of Dead by Sunrise since he helped mix with them.
  • 12. Brad wears headphones to protect his hearing, and worn them since the beginning; and has very sensitive hearing.
  • 13. In Ears are basically headphones, and they are custom molded to ones ears. When plugged in the monitor guy is mixing for them what the bands needed to hear.
  • 14. Every DSP is a new experience for him mainly because the environment where Linkin Park is playing is different. The audience changes how the DSP sounds, and that’s why it is unique in tone and sound. In his opinion each DSP should have different characteristics in them, and also depends on how he is feeling that day.
  • 15. Soccer Stadiums are his favorite venues, because the bigger the shows the bigger the screaming fans are.