Mike Shinoda LPU Chat Summary - 14th April 2012

Mike just ended a LPU video chat a while ago, at LPUnderground.com where he talked to the fans about the new album and other interesting stuff. Read the summary below. Tell us what excites you the most off this chat!

  • 1. Mike said that the Spin article is is precise about the new record and that fans should read it.
  • 2. Mike talked about “Razors Out”.
  • 3. Asked if the fans had read the Kerrang! article and what they thought of it.
  • 4. Mike said calling him “Mr. Shinoda” is proper.
  • 5. Drew Garfield.
  • 6. Mike said he couldn’t get through puzzle number two and asked what fans thought of it.
  • 7. Asked if everyone knew the album title already and everyone answered “Living Things” but Mike didn’t say anything. Image we solved on LinkinPark.com is the single cover for “Burn It Down”
  • 8. Mike said that there'll be some new tour announcements on Monday.
  • 9. Q. Album release dates: "Monday"
  • 10. Mike said album presales start on Monday, not everywhere though.
  • 11. Mike said the band is gonna be on Loveline twice.
  • 12. Mike said he doesn’t know about 'deluxe edition' of the album, yet.
  • 13. Mike said “The Raid: Redemption” is going crazy and that it sucks that not everyone can see it with his score, but it’ll eventually go out on DVD.
  • 14. He thanked the fans for supporting the band and being excited about the new music.
  • 15. “It’s always awesome to come back with new stuff and have people excited about it!”

“You are all awesome. I have to go. Bye. Monday is the day.”

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