RUMOR : Linkin Park's new album to be called 'Prototype'?

Though this does not come from a well verified source and in fact, the source of origin (a Twitter account called 'LPinTheNews') has itself been deleted, we see it fit to be released it in the fan community since a pretty much verifiable screenshot (the only 'proof' as yet and that too apparently taken via a camera) still seems legit.

Here's a 'Best Buy' screenshot (one of the biggest online retailers over the web) which is claimed to be representing the 'to-be-published-in-the-near-future' products clearly labeling an upcoming record from Linkin Park as 'Prototype'. When you search 'Linkin Park' on the BestBuy site as of now, it lists only 36 items while on the photo it lists 39 items. So, if it is a photoshopped image, it is indeed a very well doctored one, with a lot of thought put into it. However since there are not a lot of 9 digit SKU's on BestBuy (quoted by the LPA), it is most probably FAKE and we'll be waiting for a word from the band members/management via

Prototype - Linkin Park 06/05/12
Prototype - Linkin Park [CD + DVD] [Digipak] 06/05/12
Burn It Down - CD Single 15/05/12

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