Linkin Park and Lotus F1 present 'Linkin Park GP'

Lotus Formula 1 racing team and Linkin Park will be publishing an iPad game on the App Store on 24th May 2012 titled 'Linkin Park GP'. The game will be available for free download (as quoted below) and features 'Burn it Down' and Lotus F1's E20 racing car. Here's what Lotus posted about the app:
Lotus F1 Team and Linkin Park have joined forces for the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix to create ‘Linkin Park GP’ – bringing together the adrenaline of Formula 1 and the passion of rock music in a ground breaking digital experience for the first time in history.

Featuring Linkin Park’s latest hit single ‘Burn it Down’ and Lotus F1 Team’s stunning E20 car, this unique, world-first creation celebrates the team’s 500th Formula 1 Grand Prix and the release of the band’s 5th studio album ‘Living Things’.

Once more illustrating the team’s innovative approach to promotion and communications, the app will be promoted to Linkin Park’s millions of fans – including 42 million Facebook ‘Likes’ and 850 million YouTube views – in addition to Lotus F1 Team’s dedicated social media followers. It will also benefit from Warner Bros Records’ and Universal Music Publishing’s support worldwide.

Made with direct input from the band, Linkin Park GP is a one of a kind driving, graphical and musical experience. The app is available on iTunes as a free download from Thursday 24th May 2012, coinciding with the band’s tour of Europe and the USA which starts the following day, and the release of their keenly anticipated new album ‘Living Things’ on June 26th.

Check out the teaser trailer below for a sneak peek of the app:

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