MTV to premiere 'Burn it Down' music video on 24th May + Final video sneak peek

The music video for Linkin Park's new single,'Burn it Down' will world premiere on MTV. They have also released a sneak peak into the final edition of the music video that will be released. Watch the clip below and read the article on MTV News here.

"What's interesting about this video is that we're really trying to capture a live kind of element with the band playing very similarly to how we would perform live," Bennington told MTV News recently when we were lucky enough to visit the video's set. "The fact that we're playing broken down, kind of like we're playing live brings that organic vibe to the video, makes for this really cool almost plugged-in look that we have."

"As the band has gotten older lyrically, my favorite [songs] over the past couple years have a lot of layers to them," Shinoda said of the band's evolution. "Part of that comes from the fact that all along, Chester and I, we have different life experiences and we tend to write the lyrics together, so although we're writing one song, we're coming at it from two different experience points. He may be writing about one thing he's thinking and I might be writing about something completely different."