Letter to Linkin Park + Mike shouts out to Indian fans!

A letter from us, LPIU was handed over to the band on June 3, 2012 at the M&G before Rock Im Park in Germany by Susan (LPU Member from Germany, HUGE shout-out to her). The letter describes what we've been doing, our accomplishments and lists major bands who have toured here, requesting them to tour India.

We were told that Mark Foire was filming the session, so possibly they could have filmed our letter too. So, let's wait for LPTV videos! You can read the letter below!

Mike also shouted out to us and the Indian Linkin Park fans, replying to a comment mentioning what we have been doing at LPIU by our team member, Aravind Ramaswami. We have a screenshot below.

Comment and let us know how you feel about all this awesomeness!