LPIU poster signed by fans at summit given to the band

Most of you guys know that we have had chance to meet the band at LP Underground Summit in Hong Kong and witness amazing Linkin Park concert there.
So we interacted with the band and their crew and had chance to ask a few questions . Well here's the full interview - 

LPIU : What do you have for the countries the band has never toured ?

JIM DIGBY ( Production Manager ) : In upcoming years we would like to tour a lot more newer countries than the old ones we usually do and we already have a list ( he smiles at us )

LPIU : you know about us, don't you ?

SEAN PADEN ( Brad Delson's Guitar Tech ) : Yes we do. We would like to be there some day sure , we hope for it, we are working on it !!

KEN "POOCH" VAN DRUETEN : Yeah its been long ,  we had been working on it we have had talks about it we will come there soon !

MIKE SHINODA : We know it already , We are working it on man and we will be there in India really soon.

LPIU : You guys should come India once.

CHESTER BENNINGTON : We have had talks about it long time back we hope we will make it soon there.

ROB BOURDAN , BRAD DELSON : We know about the fans there a lot its one of the places we want to come for long time , we just need the right time .

LPIU : How did start DJ'ing Joe , what made you start it ?

JOE HAHN : I started in high school after seeing people around me.

LPIU : Do you like Metallica ?

JOE HAHN : No , I don't.

LPIU : I've seen you wearing a shirt of them.

JOE HAHN : (smiles) See the guy next to you even says no
( Yeah that's typical Joe who never likes to reveal anything )

LPIU : Do you like double bass drum ? Because the songs like Victimized sound really heavy and it would be cool if you had them.

ROB BOURDAN : I used to try them some time back , i didn't get well along with it though , maybe I'll try again.

LPIU : We've heard you like Metallica a lot ?
BRAD DELSON : Yes i do , they have inspired me a bit.

LPIU (to Mike and Chester) : how did you guys do crazy songs like Victimized ?
MIKE SHINODA : When we want to make something like that I ask Chester to get crazy , that's how we did it !!!!

That's it guys . Along with it we gave the band poster that we designed. It was signed by most of the fans present at the summit.