Darker Than Blood: New Single by Steve Aoki and Linkin Park

If Linkin Park has proved anything with Reanimation and Recharged, it is their love for experimenting in electronic genre. This trend continues as the band recently teamed up with EDM artist Steve Aoki to release a new single called Darker Than Blood. This is Linkin Park's second collaboration with Steve Aoki, the previous being the song A Light That Never Comes off their album Recharged (2013). Darker than blood is a track from Steve Aoki's upcoming album Neon Future II. The song is out as of April 14 and a music video is on its way! The best thing about collaborations is both the fan bases get to listen to their favorite artist as well as get introduced to a new one.

Speaking of the single, it's an upbeat nocturnal track with Chester Bennington's intense vocals throughout. Unlike A Light That Never Comes, this track is more Aoki than Linkin Park. The song had been in the making for quite a few years and Mike Shinoda changed the lyrics because the original ones seemed to be too 'happy'. The lyrics are simplistic and inspirational with Chester assuring the listener that they aren't the only one with scars and we should stay strong. You can listen to the official audio below and tell us if you loved, liked or hated the song in the comment section. 


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