Linkin Park announce Machine Shop Startups!

A few days ago, Linkin Park gave a sneak peek into their latest initiative called ‘Machine Shop Startups’. As of now, details about this project aren’t out but what we know is that the band is planning to get more into the business side of music. They are planning to invest in several projects which will be announced in the next few weeks.  From the name, it seems like Machine Shop Startups may be a venture to provide a platform for all unsigned artists out there to showcase their talent. Mike Shinoda is on the advisory board of the music streaming service Spotify and he with guitarist Brad Delson owns the record label Machine Shop Records which has given us artists like Holly Brook (now Skylar Grey), Styles Of Beyond and No Warning. As they are very well connected with the music industry, Machine Shop Startups might be a huge thing for both the band, the fans as well the artists.

Linkin Park has always given more than music to the world through their countless ventures, so whatever Machine Shop Startups turns out to be, it sounds like a solid deal. The biggest advantage to everyone involved is that Linkin Park’s fan base is huge! Whatever is it they are supporting whether it is an artist, a social cause or a brand, it is sure to get the attention of the entire fan base. We at Linkin Park India Unlimited (LPIU) wish the band good luck with their new venture and hope they keep up the great work!

The official video of the announcement can be found here!

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