Linkin Park: What Lies This Year And Beyond (NEW ALBUM in 2016!)

Online Music Magazine AltWire did an interview with Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park where Mike opened up a lot regarding the future of the band and other things. So first things first, YES!! A new album is in the making and its going be out next year! I remember Chester doing an interview before the release of Living Things where he said that the goal of the band is to come out with a record every year and a half and I think they’ve really achieved this. While Mike didn’t reveal anything about the new album, he stated that they’re ready to move somewhere new on the next album. I think the next record is gonna be a full circle for the band, completing their cycle of search for a new sound since 2007’s Minutes To Midnight.

Further, Mike shed a little light on Machine Shop Startups (click here for more on that) saying that they plan to invest and fund tech companies they believe in and that collaborating and supporting young minds who want to change the world is what they’re really passionate about right now. The band is also planning something special for the 15th anniversary of Hybrid Theory which will be announced later.

When asked about whether a new Fort Minor record is in the making, Mike simply replied that if he ever were to bring Fort Minor back, he’d reveal it on social media. Well, I think all fans would really love a new Fort Minor album as well as a new Dead By Sunrise album! For those who don’t know, Fort Minor is a rap/hip-hop side project by Mike Shinoda and Dead By Sunrise is Chester Bennington’s side project with members of the band Julien-K. Both are worth checking out!!! Have a great day people and watch this space for all things Linkin Park!