Linkin Park in India

First of all, if you don't think that an online petition would help, read Mike's blog here (the second last answer), where he answers a question 'When would you come to my country?'. He clearly states that an online petition is probably the best way to attract attention of the sponsors who are the people who have to actually get such a thing done.

Q: “When will you come to my country?” – Everyone

M: There are fans from all over the world who always ask this question. There were some of you from South America, the Middle East, and Africa that posted here, asking this same question once again…I don’t know the answer. But if you’re serious about making it happen, here’s something that might help: show your biggest concert promoters that there will be a massive Linkin Park fanbase attending the (potential) show. One idea: start a petition. Make it known to the people who promote the biggest concerts in your area; but keep in mind that there would probably have to be about 15,000-30,000 LOCAL NAMES on that petition in order for it to work. Then the concert promoters will say, “great, we’ll have a successful show here,” and they would work on making it happen…But if you’re just asking because you didn’t have a better question, that’s fine, too

Now, as we all know, Linkin Park happen to be one of the most popular bands in the world today, with numerous fans in many countries, including India. They've played shows in Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, China & Russia. India has a fan following that could beat any of those countries' in both quantity and 'quality'. So, why haven't they been here yet?

There have been 2 major reasons behind it, and all we need to do as loyal Linkin Park'ers is to get these 'thorns' out of our way

  • 1. Lack of will due to uncertainty of the show being a success, as far as the sponsors and organizers are concerned.
  • 2.  Scattered online presence of the Indian Linkin Park fans
Since the 'thorns' are discussed as points we would also discuss the solutions we propose for all of these issues, as points.

Number 1, 'Lack of will'. What we need to do so that this issue is resolved quickly enough, is getting the organizers aware of how many we are in numbers and how good a Linkin Park show in India would be for their 'numbers' (business). CD sales play an important part in assuring these people of a particular band's tour of India being potentially beneficial for their business. Linkin Park are the best-selling Warner labelled band in India already, all we need to do is get these numbers extraordinarily high and keep them there (so that they keep coming back every Asian tour). We are well-connected with sponsors all over India, and are repeatedly trying to push them to get LP here from our side, requests on their Twitter and Facebook pages from fellow Linkin Park fans could prove to be of help. Here's where you can get to some of these folks: Overture India, DNA Entertainment, Netsurf Live and Only Much Louder.

Number 2, Scattered online presence of the Indian fanbase. You google 'Petition to bring Linkin Park to India' and you see hundreds of legit results (by 'legit' we mean the results that are actually online petitions). Things like this scatter the base, there are people who've signed one petition and not the other. All we need to do is get the attention OFF these diversions. We need to get each and every single Linkin Park down here, focussing on getting every other Indian Linkin Park fan to sign this petition a single petition so that we can reach our goals early rather than being lagged at a few hundreds at all such petition pages all over the web (we need more than 10,000 signatures to help it be successful).

So go, sign the petition and help get other Linkin Park fans aware about it! Share this link on your walls, twitter, wherever you can!